Now that your company is in the next phase of growth

How will you rate

your marketing team?


and you are even finding it hard to recruit competent talents?


and productivity of the lean marketing team you have is reducing by the day?


and you don't seem to find the best way to get them to keep up with trends?


or you don't even have a digital marketing team at all?


Keeping a World-Class Marketing Team Is Not Only Expensive, It’s Also Rigorous!

As a marketing manager or business owner, having the best of talents in your company is very much key to leveraging all the ever-changing online marketing tools to meeting your brands marketing targets. But things don’t always go smoothly, from recruitment issues, to the management of talents all in the midst of keeping track of your core targets

Take the productive way out

Your digital marketing department right inside of TinklingD

TinklingD powers the digital marketing department of top brands and companies. We offer both a shared management plan (on a moderate budget) as well as a dedicated remote digital marketing staff (on a bigger budget). We house the best of African digital talents and continually take them through an updated learning process towards delivering a month on month success and growth for the brands they directly work with.

Digital growth enabling strategies

We create strategic digital-growth hacks for your business because we understand that there is need to leverage on the growing new media the internet provides. Therefore, we strive everyday to learn and create awesome digital-growth hacks that will transform businesses, no matter the industry it is breaking into or trying to alter. We tap into the areas of marketing, product development and engineering to bring your business to life, to your right audience to the stage of self-sufficiency to strive through technology and digital marketing.

Surprisingly Effective

Our offerings have been proven to produce real results compared to in-house recruits.

Cost Effective Campaigns

The words” Cost Effective” be changed to “Cost Effective Campaigns”. We understand how bothered you can be spending money and not seeing results or the fear of wasting money on campaigns. It is why we focus on result of the best of service on best budget. We cut all excesses and ensure that you get value of every investment you put into the digital marketing of your business.

Rich Resources and Knowledge Base

Whether as a funded start-up, SME or operations company, we try to garner extensive and dependable amount of data, analysis and research to ensure that we know what goes on in your industry. We are not a one-cap-fits-all agency where we use same style and strategy for all kinds of business. We have extensive brief with you to understand your business, your ideal audience and what conversion means to you. You can always trust us to get deeper into your business to learn how best to give you desired ROI.

Up-to-date Cutting Edge Technology

We keep up with the trends and tools in the industry to ensure that your projects are delivered through the best way possible to help you gain competitive advantage. Through the use of our inhouse softwares for automation tools, website audit, SEO, Landing pages, content analysis and design software, you’d get the best of competitive experience working with Tinkling D. We literally take on the risk of marketing technology costs off you since you already have other technology costs for TV, communication, monitors to run the daily activities of your business.

Effective Reporting & Analysis

We don’t make you feel left out with what we do to your business. We carry you along all through the way through timely and effective reporting and analysis. We break it down for you into bits what we intend to do to help you grow and also explain the results of the activities we do. Every week, we get a detailed report across to you and let you choose when you want to talk about it via a phone call with our team.

Lower Risk Management

Having your digital marketing department inside Tinkling D helps you lower the risks of paying excessive salaries to maintain a team, cost of recruiting, staff maintenance, taxes and the likes. With us, there are no hidden cost(s) of employee management, on boarding and the stress of putting the employee all through the business details all over again especially if they don’t have the experience like we do. You get all your digital marketing services right here, with relational communication that makes it look like we are right beside you physically. Well, we are kind of with just a phone call away. We take all the risk while you focus on your core business delivery.

Constant Improvement

Our talents are constantly trained to meet up with the timely update of the core tools.

We House Digital Talents In These Core Areas

Content Marketing

Deliberate and strategic contents that meet your business goals and needs, formed through social listening, competitor analysis and content audits.

What you will get

  • Content Marketing concepts that align with your business goals and needs.
  • Researched contents that aligns with your social listening objectives.
  • Content plans that reflect buyer persona, content topics, calendars and management.
  • Curated custom based contents that reflect your brand stories and meet your objectives.
  • Report and analysis- Full report of content metrics and insights to help form improved business decisions.

Search Engine Optimization

get discovered by search engine leveraging on optimized contents on SERPs to support both paid and organic traffic.

What you will get-

  • Website Optimization- Make your website look and act the way users want with an increased user experience value.
  • Increased Organic Traffic- Get natural website visitors
  • Optimized On-page Contents for SEO
  • Reliable search engine data
  • Up-to-date SEO algorithm check.
  • Free website audit tool

Paid Online Ads

  1. Strategic Paid Online Ads that show your business to the right audience at the right time with a deliberate effort to cut excesses. Every click counts for us with our core PPC Professionals in Search Advertising, Video& Display Ad, Mobile Apps Ad and social media Ads.

          What you will get:

  • Custom Keyword Templates You won’t be sold a template of any kind, we understand that every business has its own unique needs and goals. It is why we try as much as possible to understand your business and create a dependable template that matter to your business.
  • Increased CRM/CTRs- Your Ads impressions increases as well as your click-through-rates when you have us get on your PPC.By this, be sure that your Ad is shown as often as possible to right people at the right time.
  • Higher Quality Score- With the right keyword, bid strategy, Ad rank and Ad relevance created by us to meet your business needs and goals, you will get a high quality score to ensure that your Ad get between number 1 and 3 position in the SERP.
  • Trackable Conversions- Your conversions get tracked so it helps the accuracy of your business’ measurement metrics and help you close sales and increase your ROI in the long run.
  • Full Reporting and Analysis- You get to see the result every week and get full analysis from us.

Social Media Management

Our social media management plan will help you identify your buyer persona’s journey reflecting the full social marketing cycle such as social listening, social influencing, social networking and social selling.

What you will get

  • Social Reputation Management
  • Increased Retention
  • Identify product gaps
  • Increased engagement
  • Increased website traffic
  • Optimized social media pages
  • Optimized social contents
  • Earn social mentions
  • Strategic trend contents
  • Generate leads
  • Increased buyer frequency

Brand & Visual Design

Get a unique brand identity that portray your brand values to amplify your brand stories.

What you will get-

  • Brand identity design in multi-formats
  • Brand asset composition
  • Web brand strategy

Website/Platform Management

Get a custom website designed to suit your business needs and goals with consistent and optimized contents to keep the website active.

What you will get-

  • Custom website design
  • Custom website optimized contents
  • Custom website management plan
  • Free website audit tool
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