I’ve always believed in the sentence that says “Live today as if it were your last.” I make sure every opportunity or chance I’m given doesn’t go begging because that’s who I am.

I am a content creator that writes about sports activities, trends, events in the University of Lagos and writing for the official students’ interactive website, CampusLife has been the stepping board for me.

Here is how it happened:

I approached the team lead of TinklingD that I would love to know more about the digital market. I can remember I stressed that I want to know what is called Google Adwords and Google Analytics and that I’ll like to work with him. He accepted.

Three or four weeks later, Tinkling D sent a mail offer of a paid internship for 3 months to learn those cool stuffs  while I was still in school. I gladly accepted because I have this desire to learn about the digital business (which includes online marketing).

During my internship period, Tinkling D partnered to manage  the  online communication and digital leverage for the University of Lagos Students’ Union 2015 Sports Festival  (the students-run sport festival was the first ever in the history of the University). The event communication and public relation was handled online by Tinkling D across various channels. I was assigned to work  on the social media platforms… I also joined to live stream the press conference on YouTube.  It was a great privilege working from the back end for such a great event.


I was also given the opportunity to attend the Google Business event in Lagos hosted by Google Nigeria. A session with Mathilde Veille (a Googler and an Adwords expert) was the highlight, where participants were exposed to various online marketing tools and strategies and how to help SMEs grow using these tools effectively.

Still a student of University of Lagos, foreseeing that the 2014/2015 session break would be a long one (3 months thereabout), combining my internship experience and my keen chase for knowledge even as a sport enthusiast, I wrote to the Chief Editor of the largest football news website, Goal.com. Leveraging the skills I have acquired as an Intern at TinklingD, it was a lot easier for him to accept me to intern at Goal.com

Overall, these internship experiences have helped in building my self-confidence, work ethics, human relationship, communication skills, adaptable team work spirit and most of all, they have made me an organized, effective and a creative learner.


TinklingD Internship programme – August, 2015 to October, 2015

Goal.com Internship programme – November, 2015 to January, 2015

Through this period, I also worked with UNILAG FM sports crew, Oxxen Music Gurus (one of TinklingD’s client whose first public track premiered on CNN in the period of digital strategy implementation – http://www.oxxenmusicgurus.com/clarion-call-truly-premiered-on-cnn/) and in the last month of my internship at TinklingD, I was recognized as the Columnist of the Year in the University of Lagos with an award for the outstanding contents I write for University of Lagos CampusLife (one of the digital property managed by TinklingD).

TAIWO, Taiye Tayo (AYANFE)

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