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tapping into customer feedback


Customer feedback is simply customer opinion and what they think about a business,product or service.Customers feedback is a very important part of every business.They let you see what you are doing wrong and what you need to continue on,improve on or kick out of your business strategy.

How to use Customer Feedback

  1. Improve your product or service:Customer feedback lets you know how and in what aspect to improve your products and services.If customers like your products or the service you render and they are giving good feedback, this means your products or service are giving the best value.If the feedback is negative, this lets you know which part of the products you need to improve on or if you need to scrap that product entirely.Listen to your customers and tweak or adjust your products or service to their preference.
  2.   Get new Customers:Posting Customer Feedback on your social platforms or website allows potential customers to see that other people are happy with your product or services and erased any doubt or uncertainty that may have otherwise stopped them from purchasing from you.People are wired to want to be a part of what their friends , family or the public are talking about.Also current customers will definitely recommend or tell their friends and family about your business.
  3. Retain Customers:When customers see that their feedback, comments and concerns are well attended to, they begin to feel that they are a part of the business and that their wants or desires are well reflected in your products and services.This means you shouldn’t just be willing to hear what customers have to say about your business, but be willing to implement their suggestions and meet their needs.Work on their complaints and satisfy them.
  4. Recognize Satisfied and Loyal Customers:Loyal Customers are a big part of your business,these are your die-hard fans.They will always go to any length to tell and convince anyone to purchase from you, these are the types of customers that will defend your business in a heated debated and constantly tell everyone about you.Shower them with gifts, reward them frequently and their loyalty grows stronger and so does their recommendations of your business.
  5. Insight into your Audience: Customer feedback allows you to understand your type of customers,their preference, likes and dislikes and help to anticipate their reaction to any new products.Understanding your customers and target audience is the key part of every business.This lets you determine the kind of products or service your brand should continue to offer.You can gather data from your customer feedback that helps you understand the kind of services and products your customers will always prefer to guarantee sales.Except you plan to target or attract another set of audience, your products and services should always be in line with your audience preference.

Next Week we will talk about Positive and Negative Feedback, how they affect your business, and how to deal with negative feedback or comments about your business.

Remember that there’s no business without your customers, and satisfying them is the biggest part of your business.

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