Last week we talked about customer feedback and how they can be used to improve your business.Today we will continue with Positive and Negative Feedback, how they affect your business, and how to deal with negative feedback or comments about your business.

Positive vs Negative Feedback


Positive Feedback

This is the kind of feedback every business hopes to get.The “you guys are awesome” “I love your products” “your services are top notch” and so on.Positive feedback helps you to understand what your customers love and what you are doing right.Positive feedback means your customers trust your business or services or like the products you are offering. This raises the expectations of your customers for you to keep delivering the best.An increase in customer expectations, means they value your products or services and you must always meet up to this expectations.Positive feedback also means your customers will always recommend you, which further raises their expectations.

Negative Feedback: As much as we all try to avoid negative customer feedback,we cannot run away from them.Negative feedback simply means your customers or audience believe that you can offer a lot more and are disappointed that you are not meeting up to their high expectations.Negative feedback is actually good for your business.It simply shows there is room for improvements on your business,and that you can actually grow bigger and get better.

Negative feedback can sometimes be scary and damaging, How do you handle them?

  1. Don’t try to hide them:The worst thing you can do to your brand is to try and hide or deny negative comments or complaints from your customers.If the comments are posted publicly on any of your social platforms or website,then try to resolve or attend to such right on that same platform.This establishes trust and shows to others that you can be trusted.This will set a tone to other customers or whoever is considering your products or services that you will always be available to respond to them when there are problems.
  2. Acknowledge:Acknowledge your mistakes or errors immediately you are confronted by any negative comments.If it was a mistake from your end, don’t try and push blame, simply acknowledge mistakes,errors or misunderstandings in a very direct and simple manner.Do all you can to make the customer feel like its not their fault,even when it is, or else they will naturally become defensive and attack you more.
  3. Apologize: This is the simplest way of calming or resolving most customers problem.Most people just want to hear you admit that you are sorry and you are willing to resolve the problems they have as soon as you can.
  4. Respond Fast: There is nothing worse than a slow response to a negative comment or feedback.You have to always resolve every issue as soon as they come up,before it becomes worse, especially if such a comment is posted publicly on any of your social platforms.Resolve every issue as soon as you can.
  5. Innovate and Improve: Let it be obvious to your customers that their feedback is important to you, and you are willing to use such feedback to improve and offer them value.When customers complain or give feedback about problems or challenges they are having with your product or service, always take that feedback and use to improve and provide something better.This allows them to feel like they are an important part of your business and their satisfaction comes first, like it should ethically be.


Feedback is an important part of every business or brands growth. After all its because of your customers that your business exists, so you should always be open to give them the best.



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