Easter is the Christian holiday celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it is celebrated by Christians all over the world. Over time Easter has been an avenue for Brands and Companies to spread their marketing messages in the spirit of the holiday.

Last weekend saw brands pull out all the stops to leverage on the Easter Holiday and try to get in on the act. With such a crowded market, brands have to find a creative niche and work on ways to make their Easter campaign stand out amidst the rest.Well, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Easter campaigns along with neat little explanations as to why they were so successful or not





The message was simple, minimalist and clear, the cross indicated the crucifixion of Christ, while the network signal bars represented connectivity. The creative minds at Etisalat were able to come up with something that signified the importance of the season while syncing with their message of connectivity. Thumbs up.



The guys at Spectranet managed to infuse the resurrection and ascension of Christ into their message, while also highlighting  Internet Connectivity which is one of their major selling points .


Skye bank

This advert by Skye bank was one of the best this Holiday season, the word play was topnotch yet subtle, while the visual representation was impressive too. Kudos to the creative team, that came up with this.

Access bank

A very cool and precise design from Access bank, the smiling Easter eggs portrayed the excitement associated with Holiday seasons. The marketing message included was a bit unnecessary though, as some people went as far as accusing them of not being able to resist a sales pitch. I think brands have to learn that not all campaigns should be about sales, sometimes the customers just want you to show that you really care about engaging with them,on issues that concern them.



Very funky and exciting design from the folks at Tecno Mobile, the use of smileys to represent the letter “O” was brilliant, and it definitely was a long weekend.


Fidelity Bank

While some folks might think this Easter message by Fidelity bank is a tad bit too spiritual, we think they were able to perfectly capture the essence of the season, and so it is a thumb up from us.



This was one of the top trending Easter messages last weekend, very funny and intelligent play on words by the creative team at Durex.



This had to be the best Easter advert so far. Very simple and minimalist design that served a dual purpose.The message of the essence of the holiday was passed quite clearly, while a subtle message about the use of Verve cards was also passed.



Article composed by Oladapo Davids,a social media strategist at TinklingD.



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