I can’t keep calm!!! Nah, not today! I can’t believe it’s been just a year since I joined the TinklingD fam! Just 52 weeks? Life comes at you fast, guys. I’m hammering on ‘Just’ because it feels like it’s been 83 years. To be very honest, I feel like I have had a whole lifetime in this place. A whole lifetime that I’d live over and over again!

Looking back now, I remember how it all started. Ha ha! I remember getting a phone call on a hot afternoon at the very beginning of May, 2016. That phone call has since reshaped my life in ways that no one could have imagined it would have.

I was just a budding 500l student of the University of Ibadan, awaiting strike cancellation when I got a job offer at TinklingD to be a WordPress Developer Intern. It wasn’t planned for, it just happened. I remember vividly how I got lost and couldn’t find the office on my interview day.

I also remember how, when I finally found my way, I was looking like a lost and found puppy throughout the whole course of my interview. But my interviewer was so calm and very supportive (God bless his heart). Truth is, I never thought I was in any way qualified for the role stated by the job that I wasn’t even expecting to get a call back. Apparently, God already had so much planned for me the whole time.

So, just like every ‘I never esperredit’ incident in life, guess who got an offer of employment on this day in 2016? Me! Believe me, it’s been the most enjoyable time ever. Like evurr! I have had the privilege to work with one of the most talented, gifted, amazing, awesome, fun-to-be with, best people in the world (2neah, Teestars, Olamide, Mary, D1, D2, JayDee!, Laycon, Tobi, Deji, Blessing, Adeyemi, Adebayo, Olalere (Uncle Dayo) and Oluwamayowa).

I have had the privilege to have the best set of people to work with on my team (Deji, Oluwamayowa). I have also had the privilege to have an amazing work bes’fren! (Oluwamayowa). I have been here long enough to see several people come and go. However, every one of them has pushed me in one way or another to keep striving to be better. To be that person they can always write good reviews about at the end of each work month (Thank you guys for choosing to only acknowledge the good side of me every time). To be that person that’s very diligent at work. To be that person that motivates other people to understand that one can truly find satisfaction in whatever it is that one has set out to do. To be that pretty girl that’s pretty at everything. To be Oyin! I owe you guys for being part of my life for the past year and for being very good people to me. You all mean the most to me!

I can’t possibly overemphasise how great the work experience has been. Working at TinklingD has helped me to better understand the importance of stacking the deck, taking full responsibility by myself. The importance of always looking out for premium. Always!

The importance of communicating with people around me. The importance of being accountable and most importantly, the importance of balancing my work and my life. I started working in my final year at school. It wasn’t easy balancing school and work. But yayy! We did it and it’s been totally worth it and I know I’d do it excellently if I ever faced a similar situation.

In total, it’s been an amazing year. Really. I don’t know where the road leads from now because ‘NYSC is stealing me away’ as Oluwamayowa has rightly put. But I know if that road leads back here again, I’d not hesitate to take the ride again.

Cheers to the best team in the world, cheers to the good life and moments that we’ve shared and cheers to the great years ahead of us! It’s indeed been an unforgettable era. Well, at least for me. <3

This milestone came with an amazing moment of celebration and cakes from the whole team.Oyin Workniversary at TinklingD - 2 Oyin Workniversary at TinklingD - 3 Oyin Workniversary at TinklingD - 4

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