Social Media is no doubt one of the greatest platforms to build a brand,engage with customers and as well reach your target audience.With various small businesses springing up everyday on social media,there is a lot of competition and this are the 5 common mistakes that can mar your brand.

Mixing your business brand with your personal brand

This is the biggest mistake we see with almost every SME out there. Pictures of yourself, your birthday shout

out to your bestie, or catch up of last night out, are not appropriate on your business social media page. Distinguish yourself from your business as much as possible. New customers should be comfortable with your page and be able to fit in and be accepted. They shouldn’t feel left out by the myriads of  “ride on bestie” and the bff clique conversations or jokes going on in the comment section. All conversations should be carried out as a business and not as a single personality.If you have a great online following on your personal social page and you want to leverage that influence to grow your business,simply re-share original posts from your business page to your personal page.

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Mixing business with pleasure

Except your business is themed around the entertainment industry, avoid jam packing your business page with memes and unnecessary jokes, try to make sure your page is as free and uncluttered as possible. Let people be able to get access to everything they need to convert and engage,whilst perceiving your brand as reliable and serious. Engage with your audience in a formal,warm and friendly tone


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Not having a defined Social media strategy

Don’t implement something or post just because everyone is doing it. Have a defined purpose and goal for everything you post on your business page. Here are some four (4) pointers for you to create a quick strategy:

  • Why: Is it to get conversions, create engagement or awareness for my business?
  • How: Through images,videos, stories?
  • When: When are my target audience online and will best see and engage with my post?
  • Where: Which post is best suited for which platform?

To make sure your social media efforts are well maximized,its great to have a well defined strategy and focused on getting results and meeting set goals.


Create a social media strategy


Ignoring customers comments

Good or bad comment, communication is key always. In our case, we in the past had a client go right to whoop our ass in the comment section on social, but response is key. We wouldn’t leave ignore that comment and leave it without a response. Well, in the same way if your fans or followers give you a nice shout out, replying them with a thank you goes a long way. When potential customers visit your social media, then want to be assured that you will hear them when they eventually become your client.


Pay attention to customers on social media

Presenting yourself as a small business

So you are a one man army and you business is still practically from your Kitchen table,backyard or at the corner of your room,this doesn’t mean you have to present as such.Your brand should reflect your ability to handle customers and provide them with all they need whether you are the only one handling it or have several employees.Statements like “i” should be replaced with “we”.This isn’t an attempt to deceive your audience,but putting into the consideration that a business should not essentially revolve around an individual, but considering all factors and situations that when put together makes every business a “We”





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