The fashion market is pretty crowded right now, yeah? Therefore, you need your business to stand out from the pack in order to make a headway. Digital marketing is one of the best ways to hit your business goals and make your mark in the industry. Digital marketing can help to improve your brand presence and sales, boost brand awareness and easily track and measure the success of your campaigns to know what’s working or not working.

The following ideas are sure to help you market your fashion business:

1. Create style guides to help your site visitors improve their fashion sense with your items: This idea would really work if you own a fashion business that sells a variety of clothing items. Simply put together a style guide on your site educating your site visitors on how to wear your clothing and add your items to their existing wardrobe. Don’t just create one guide. Get creative. Create style guides to fit different seasons (Harmattan, rain) and special occasions (Christmas, New Year etc). You could list your guides on a special section on your site or incorporate it into your blog.

2. Run Instagram giveaways to boost your brand awareness and increase your audience reach: Run a giveaway strictly on Instagram for your most popular item(s). To pull this off, require your Instagram followers to comment on why they want to win the item posted in the photo and then tag 3 of their friends interested who also want the gift (you see where this leads, right?) . Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags for the item giveaway. Creating a special hashtag for the giveaway is also best practice. Running these giveaways regularly would help increase your followers and brand awareness on Instagram.


3. Launch a blog (update it you have one): Release short, sweet and to the point blog posts regularly to provide your audience with constant valuable information. Use your blog to promote your products and let your customers know who you are. You can also talk about trends and feature items in your collection that fit those trends.

4. Don’t lose people who are not ready to buy; nurture them: Usually, a person coming to your shop for the first time is not always ready to buy. Knowing this, ensure you get their email address and have an email series to keep them engaged with new content that teaches you about their buying preferences.

5. Send an email reminder to shoppers who left items in their carts to boost conversion rates: It is common for people to add items to their shopping cart and then forget about them. Simply sending them a reminder via email to encourage them to complete their purchase could be very instrumental to their conversion. To achieve this, your site visitors must have created an account. This means you need to make it very easy for your site visitors to create accounts on your site.

In essence, digital marketing can be a very effective way to increase your brand awareness and sales. To help you get started, we have created a Kickstarter package that provides you with the digital marketing tools to single out your business from this ‘pretty crowded’  fashion market. This Kickstarter package will boost your brand presence beyond that of competitors. You will be able to track and measure the success of your campaigns to know what’s working, what’s not working and understand why. Beyond that, you will increase sales and easily achieve your business goals. The fashion world might seem dynamic and rowdy, nevertheless, your business can find a voice, and a selling one at that.


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