Marketing a travel business online is tough.  With consumer behaviour constantly changing, travel agencies need to not only keep abreast of how consumers are relating with their brand, they need to also adjust their marketing strategies to fit present-day consumer behaviour. To help boost your game, consider the following tactics


1. Who are your prospective clients?

It’s important that you know who your ideal customers are? Under which demographic do they fall? Beyond demographics, what granular details about them do you know? Where do they spend most of their time online? What is their pain point and how are they trying to solve it at the moment? How do they research, plan and book their travel? What motivates them to travel?


2. How good does your website look?

In your marketing efforts, your website must take a cardinal position. You must constantly find room to improve your user experience. What makes a website great is not just how sleek it looks but the functionality. Here are a few basic things you should address if your website ranking is low and/or the user experience is poor.


  • Responsive design: More than 50% of your visitors are most likely to visit your site from their mobile device. Hence, there is the need to put this into consideration when building your website. It is most likely going to frustrate your site users to have to zoom their way around.


  • Track your visitors: Tracking your site users will help fetch rich data that can be very useful in letting you understand user behaviour. This data will be invaluable to your marketing efforts. Google analytics is a good place to start. Facebook pixels could also come in handy especially for re-marketing.


  • Simple design: It is important for you to ensure that your site captures who you are as a brand and is also user-friendly. Focus on having minimal website design that makes information easy to access. Populate your website with sufficient content and strong enough CTAs (call-to-action) to convert site visitors into sales


  • Make sure to update your website regularly. Search engines love fresh content. So to keep your organic search ranking up, ensure you have up to date and relevant content on your website.


3. Graphic design:

This is one aspect of your marketing that you shouldn’t overlook. Design is your silent brand ambassador. You can’t afford to have an outdated style or one that doesnt sync with your desired brand image. If design is not your thing, contact the pros. A good designer will partner with you in crafting a style guide to tie your branding together.


4. Social media:

This medium can be a cost effective for marketing a travel company. As much as it is important to choose the right platform, the right strategy must also be put in place.


5. Email marketing:

Your email database is gold. You should add a subscription form to your website in order to build your database and keep valuable leads in your sales funnel. Doing this is however not enough as you need to put a strategy in place to start communicating with them effectively.


6. Content marketing (blogging):

Your website should have a blog. You should make blogging part of your broader content marketing strategy. To do this right, however, you need to understand your customer journey and how your blog content might assist visitors convert into leads.


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