Every business has one goal and that is to make money and stand out as a brand but not every business owner knows how to achieve this. It is easy to get trapped in the idea of doing business the conventional way but, it is important to note that most brands that stand out, stand for something and they didn’t just start with their name, logo or product/service alone. Moreso, nowadays, conventional marketing is not as effective as it used to be, therefor Digital marketing is the new marketing revolution for business success. 

Therefore, it is imperative to note that your digital marketing strategies must be done right and deliberate to add something to your business that would eventually grow your business. So if you are planning to outsource your digital marketing, the following should be well understood before kicking off the partnership between your company and the agency.

1. The Partnership ensures your overall business growth– No matter the kind of outsourcing you want to do with a digital marketing agency, you need to know that it should increase your overall business growth and eventually increase your company’s ROI. There is no point outsourcing to a so-called digital growth agency if you are not sure of what they would bring to the table and how the partnership would benefit your business.Partnership and outsourcing.

2. The digital agency must be available when neededIt is okay to outsource your digital marketing to an expert team but ensure that the team is readily available for briefs, reporting, meetup, and brainstorming. Ensure that this team will carry you along and you know what they are doing and why they are doing what they do.



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3. Ensure that the Agency knows your business goals, and what Conversions mean to youMany agencies give the same strategy to the same business which is one of the downsides of outsourcing. So before you outsource your digital marketing, ensure that there is a proper understanding of your overall business goal and conversion goals for you, such as how many customers would you have onboard before you can finally agree to break-even analysis?



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4. Ensure that the Agency understands and provides content that your target audience understandsIf you own a business in Africa and you outsource to a remote agency in India, you may be having a problem because you may have to be doing a lot of editing. So to save the stress, ensure that the agency is proficient in the English language.

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5. Ensure the agency has proof of its efficiencyWhat is the point of hiring a so-called expert who has no proof of previous work done? Don’t fall prey! You have the right to request for a portfolio proof or link to the previous projects handled. If unsure, check out the projects and ask a few questions. You have the right to anyway!

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6. Need to carry your employee along– Even if you outsource your digital marketing, it is important to note that you involve your employee who should be the one getting the briefs and keeping the communication flow. This way, if you no longer want to outsource or depend on your in-house team, you can be rest assured that they will do well carrying on from where the agency stopped.

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7. Outsourcing Isn’t cheap– I think this should have come first but hey, it’s always something about funds right?. If you are looking to outsource you should understand that outsourcing isn’t cheap. If you find an agency that is too cheap, you should question their efficiency but being too costly doesn’t mean it is fantastic either. But bear in mind your budget for digital marketing campaigns, the service charge and all. Great Digital marketing agencies that will give you value don’t come too cheap and extremely high that you can’t afford it either. Put a budget to it.

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8. Set up a clear contract– Before you outsource your digital marketing, you should draft and understand the contracts involved. The terms, projects, and timelines need to be spelled out to ensure efficiency, and proper analysis of the partnership at the end of the day.


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    9.  Invest in Digital assets- There is a need to loud this, yeah? It is important to note that you can’t get the best out of digital marketing if you are not ready to invest in digital assets. A website, social media handles, resources relating to your industry, good gadgets, etc.

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    10. Handling what is not necessary to be outsourcedIf you can do some tasks relating to digital marketing in your business, handle it. First, this may save you money and this will help you leverage your strength to improve your business. Don’t leave everything to a digital agency only,  because when you want to take over, it will be easy to get started on your own having learned where you need to improve upon from the partnership.

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    We hope that you’ve learned a few things from this article. Kindly share if you think someone else needs to read this.

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