It is no longer news that Nigeria has taken over India as the World’s Poorest Country. This is according to Daily Post. However, in a more tragic tone, the World Poverty Clock also published that the first eleven poorest countries in the world are in Africa. And by 2030, based on forecasts here, Nigeria will be 46% poorer. I guess you must have heard that most Nigerians live below $1 per day.

You’ll say, why this statistics right? We just thought it is important for you to note that Nigeria and other African countries have a high unemployment rate which is the leading factor to the poverty rankings. This means that the economy will be so bad that even educated folks may not find a sustaining job. This is why we thought this article could be helpful to African economies, most especially Nigeria since it is the world leading poorest country. Sigh.


In spite of these teeming bad news and realities, there’s a slight hope for Africans and Nigerian at large. This hope is the fact that Technology is improving and to this end, it is equally providing opportunities for more Africans to be creative hence providing values to solve societal problems. There are many tech careers Africans today are leveraging upon to grow, careers like Web Designing, Programming, Graphics Designing, Robot Engineering, and Digital Marketing. All of these Tech careers are everywhere today and dependably they have helped many youths in one way or the other to stay alive, although being well paid is one major problem.


Digital marketing as a tech-oriented career is one big spaceship that carries smaller ships. This means that Digital marketing alone has other expertise that are embedded in it that can help reduce the rate of unemployment in Africa. Unlike in saner climes, there are people who are well recognized and making it well through this expertise in Digital marketing. Hubs and businesses these days are designed to be powered by technology. Everyone is taking their business online, but are there enough experts in Africa to sustain these businesses online? The answer is no. Because a lot of the African economies are yet to leverage on the opportunities out there that Digital marketing as a career can offer. How about we talk about these expertise careers in Digital marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimizers-

This is basically one of the scale-through points in Digital marketing. This includes getting a website to be properly optimized to get ranked both organically and robotically(noticed and indexed by search engine robots). If this can be learned, in no time we will have experts in the African continents that are equal to experts more advanced countries. Leveraging the skill of on-page SEO, Local SEO, etc could also be a dependable advantage.


Image Culled From Pixabay

2. Content Developers-

Although there are many people in the continent doing this already but do we have people doing it right? Do we have people who would sit down and research contents that people want to read, contents that they search for? We are yet to get there if you ask me. So it is necessary to point out that content development as a stand-alone career in digital marketing can help reduce the shocking reality of the high rate of unemployment in Africa by 2023. Here, we would imbibe the skill of content analyst, content researchers, and content optimizers. Yeah, there is content optimization in digital marketing too.

                                                                           Image Culled From Pixabay

3.Social Media Managers-

A lot of businesses are being socially inclined now. Many businesses are on social platforms to connect to their audience online. Hence they need people who understand these platforms to help connect their brands with their target audience wherever platform they are. This is where this skill comes in handy. The ability to analyze a social media handle to know where the problem may be, to interpret the platform insights to know what works and to optimize social media pages to reflect what the target audience wants to see is an added advantage to this skill.

                                                                        Image Culled From Pixabay

4. Data Analytics Specialist-

Africa needs the next generation of Data Analytics experts. We were initially tempted to Google Analytics experts but we realized that Google is not the only data you will have to come in contact with in digital marketing. There are other tools that will give insights into what is happening with many digital assets online. Although, Google is the biggest game changer in this aspect.

                                                                                   Image Culled From Pixabay

5. PPC Experts-

Many brands are taking advantage of this kind of digital advertising but there are yet to be dependable experts that can do this well compared to what obtains in advance countries. Africa needs the next generation of Pay-per-click experts that can explain what a business owner would get from advertising on Google, Bing, Youtube, etc. Forecasting spendings and ROIs are the necessary skills a PPC Expert.

                                                                            Image Culled From Pixabay

6. Paid Ads Experts-

Asides from advertising on Google, Bing and the rest there are also social platforms where businesses do advertise. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. It takes a lot of learning and expertise to know the algorithms of these platforms to get the best out of it for businesses.

                                                                             Image Culled From Pixabay

7. Digital Campaign Strategist-

Africa needs people to run fantastic digital campaigns to shake the world like the way brands in advance countries do. Yeah, we trend online with social haps but there is yet to be a trend that will basically set records for brands to get more ROI. Maybe we need the next digital campaign strategists right now.

                                                                               Image Culled From Pixabay

8. Email Marketers-

Email marketing is still very much part of digital marketing and as the big space ship is getting bigger and tougher, there is need to keep getting in touch with the audience on a personal level. This is where email marketing expertise comes in.

                                                                                        Image Culled From Pixabay

So, these careers are the stand-alone careers that we feel young African generations can take advantage of to get prepared for the next tech-changing storm that is about to hit the world. But it’s a thing to have these careers spelled out and it’s another thing to know whether African leadership is ready to get started on these opportunities because these careers can help reduce unemployment by 42%. This is because the youth population will increase by 42% by 2030. Are we truly ready for this cha

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