As a business owner, SEO may seem uninteresting until you start to realize that it is what makes Google and other search engines know you. It’s ironic though, that Google doesn’t know you until everyone else does. SEO in this part of the world is not something that is usually on the frontline when discussing digital marketing, for many, digital marketing is about great design, website, and social media marketing. Truly, these three contribute to digital marketing but technically, it is not all that there is about digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization is deliberately positioning your brand, and it’s digital assets( website, social channels, media) to be recognized and indexed by the Search Engines. How about we delve into these SEO hacks that can boost your indexing and visibility in search engines?

  1. Optimize Your Google My Business Page– Sadly, as free as this tool is, many Nigerian online businesses are not taking full advantage of it. For many, they do not think to list their business on GMB is even necessary. This is the first step to Google Search Engine visibility. How else would you be seen if not registering yourself in the “register”?. So, the first hack to boost your visibility right now is signing up for Google My Business and connecting it to your website. If you don’t have a website, you might not need to do this. However, ensure the details on your website and social channels are the same as the ones you have in your GMB page. If you have multiple stores, you can also optimize your GMB page to that effect.


  2. Registering in Nigerian Online Directories- I bet you didn’t know that there are also online directories that list your business. There are more than 20 Nigerian Online Directories to index your business. For some, you pay a token and for many, it’s free. When doing this ensure that you put the same information on your website, GMB page, and social channels. Consistency is a keyword for SEO.


3. Registering In Industry-based Directories- After registering in the usual online directories, it is time to now proceed to get indexed in the industry based directories that are pertaining to your business. For instance, if you are in the real estate industry, you could look up directories for real estate companies only and get registered there. However, you might be required to pay a token for this.


4. Join Social Media Groups- Thankfully, if you own a business page on facebook now, you can join a group. Are you using this opportunity yet as a business owner? How about joining groups on Facebook related to your industry. There are many local and international groups available for almost any business. Take your time, search for them and join. Once you publish anything, like a blog or a product, publish it there. It also helps to increase your social engagement for your brand.

5. On-page SEO- First, ensure that none of your pages is blocking the ranking robot that will check each and every one of your website’s pages. Also, ensure that your headers are optimized with the keywords that are relevant to your industry. Build enough industry based keywords on your contents. Optimize each page of your website and ensure that you don’t go against any ranking rule as set by search engines, especially Google.

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