One of the struggles of business owners and entrepreneurs is the ability to drive sales. Even though the internet has brought people together and build communities, many business owners still find it difficult to market their products or services effectively to customers. 

This is owing to the fact that, people are getting bonded more on social media than ever. People now practically live on social media, with the daily interactions going on, it takes a strategy to reach people online because truthfully, people are not on social media to buy! It is you who will make them buy.

First, it is important to understand who you want to sell to. Identifying your target audience makes marketing easier for you. In order to get your buyer person, answer these few questions quickly.


  • What is the title of my buyer persona?
  • Where is my buyer persona?
  • What is the age of my buyer persona?
  • What is the average income of my buyer persona?
  • What is the need of my buyer persona?


Having  answered the questions above, now it’s time to walk you through the 5 Effective Ways To Sell On Social Media.

1. Market and Dominate the Platform Your Buyer Person Is- Every platform is not the same. You need to understand this fact before deciding which of the social media platforms you want to sell. Your kind of product also determine the platform fit for your social media marketing. 

A good example is a Makeup product. This product clearly speaks to females as their primary buyer persona. The platform one would think of as a selling point is Instagram. This is no other than the fact that this platform is a glamour platform strictly for show offs. It is simply about showing off. 

But not every platform is for every business. It falls on you as a business owner to research who your buyer persona is and which platform they are. This is the first step to social selling.If you need help trying to identify who your buyer persona is, send us a message Here

2.  Identify the Content That Resonates with Your Buyer Persona– After identifying who and where you want to sell to, the next thing to do is to start creating content that your buyer persona identifies with. 

This effort comes with researching.  Asking questions through survey or taking a cue from your competitor comes in handy here.In identifying the contents that works for your target market, it is also important that your content gives value to your buyer persona. The original, the better. Create your own unique kind of contents in different formats that your ideal buyer person can identify with. 

3.Create Engaging Contents- It is one thing to create contents and it is another thing to contents that people feel related to. While trying to create contents, appeal to the emotions of your ideal  buyer persona. Let them relate with your content such that they find it irresistible to comment or share.

It is not easy doing this, thanks to content curation tools and apps. Business owners and entrepreneurs can easily create content in different formats. By way of engaging, do not create just a particular kind of content. 

Using the makeup example, you can create engagement with video skits of how to apply a particular makeup or explaining the difference between two or more foundation colours. Just don’t create contents that will bore your target audience in the long run.

4. Respond To Feedback- Many business owners overlook the power of feedback on social media. Little did they know that feedback in the way of response to messages and reviews have a way of affecting the SEO activities of a business online generally.

When you get good feedback from someone who bought from you on social media, tag the person and don’t lie about the feedback. If it’s not a good feedback, apologize and find ways to correct the impression. 

Reply to inbox messages early enough and react to user comments. It is not easy to do this especially when you are in the core aspect of business operations but having time to this will be highly effective in your brand’s social reputation.

5. Run Targeted Ads- Oh you thought this won’t be added? Let’s face it. Social media is now getting more realistic such that businesses are finding it hard to sell. This is because,people are not primarily on social media to buy. To complement your organic strategy, you need to run Ads that would help you reach your target audience faster. Make sure when they land on your page, the contents they meet there traps them enough to buy! 

As a business owner, sometimes you get caught up with your core business activities such that you may not have the time to do your social media marketing,we are here to help you meet that need. If you want to get started, drop a comment or kindly send us a message here. We will surely get back to you.



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