Despite all the great benefit online marketing brings, some businesses are not able to ‘advertise’ online. 


In countries like Nigeria, regulatory bodies like APCON set guidelines to some professions and restrict them from direct advertisement. It’s believed that professions like health, law, etc are expected to be accredited and standardized by a licensing body which means you get your problem solved just in any of these accredited companies.


The good news is, you can still run online marketing and get just as many results from it like every other business industry. Let’s get into it…

1. Invest In Creating Content

The one reason your customers are turning to you is that they need you to help them get things done or provide a solution to a problem. 

By creating content that guides, you are able to enlighten people about the problem they currently have and at the end state how your offering helps them out. 

Imagine a hospital creating content around symptoms of a particular disease and what to do if you see those sort of symptoms.  

2. Master Your Sales Funnel.

Whether it looks like it or not, the main reason why marketing is done is to acquire client/customers. 

A strategic sales funnel can turn to your perpetual client acquisition marketing. 

A sample sales funnel is the part a website visitor takes on the way to becoming a customer. Your sales funnel must have the following elements.

  •  Lead magnet:

What’s this: Free bait to get prospect having the first contact with your business 

Example: Offer a free webinar to talk about your customers’ most pressing challenges

  • Tripwire 

What’s this: A side offering by your business which is not the main offering but usually an offering whose result will stress the need for your main offering.

Example: A consulting session with one of your experts.

  • Your Main Offering

What’s this: Of course, as the name implies, the main thing you really want to sell.

Example: A dentist could be selling a tooth surgery, a lawyer could be selling a retainer service, etc.

  • Value Maximizer 

What’s this: Even though you have sold your main offering, a value maximizer is an offering that allows your customers to get better value. 

Example: A dentist who sold a surgery, could introduce a yearly family dentist check-up plan (maybe with the extra perk of dentist home visit once a month, etc), a lawyer could introduce a retainer service monthly plan.

How does online marketing help you aid this? From the first stage of the sales funnel, online marketing could help you reach more people than you currently can reach and as well help you automate this process fully. Channeling your marketing budget into online ads, leveraging email marketing team to communicate with your prospects and clients, leveraging a retargeting ad to reach those that seem unresponsive, and most important leveraging analytics tool to see what is working per time and where your most profitable customers are per time are things you take to your advantage when you leverage  online marketing. Will you have us create a sound marketing proposal for you? Check out our offering here and fill out the interest form.

3. Humanize Your Brand

I have a question for you, with what you currently have on your online pages, can your prospects feel the ambience that comes with patronizing your brand? 

Breathe life into your brand through sharing behind the scenes, staff pictures, customer moments and in fact celebrating special moments. 

The online marketing world is about perception. And your build perception through a proper branding, content by content, graphics by graphics, picture by picture, moment by moment.

4. Thought Leadership 

Thought leadership is the act of ingeniously creating an authoritative but genuinely sound position that everyone loves to hear from first about a subject matter. 

You can create this by writing helpful content, explaining hard concepts, making predictions to every new occurrence or even investing in creating a new approach to things.

For example, A law firm could write about the expected impact of a new law amendment action. A hospital could write about the impact of a new disease outbreak etc. 


In all, online marketing isn’t about the ‘We are the best hospital in town’ but it’s about being holistic, being strategic and being data-driven. 

To achieve this you need a sound digital marketing department in your company. At TinklingD, we work with companies like yours, we embed ourselves to your company (through our staff who’ll work right from our office but working remotely for your company) and then work as the marketing department of your company.

Learn more about our offering here. 




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