It’s almost Christmas and every serious entrepreneur is trying to make the best out of the season and rightly so!

Now, let’s dive straight into the topic. Ads for your end of the year sales, a Yes or No?

As you probably know already, most platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer paid advertising options. Opting for this option as against the organic way is to enjoy some advantages that include:

  1. Reaching your target audience
  2. Reaching different geographic location at the same time
  3. Increasing your brand awareness
  4. Taking more than one step above the competition

Which entrepreneur wouldn’t want a massive end of the year sales using the advantages paid ads offers? I honestly think none.

The problem, however, is that most entrepreneurs lack the fundamental knowledge of leveraging the social pages to enhance business.  A larger percentage of them only know that they should put up a caption, put up a product picture and let the ad roll. After a month of spending money and enriching Facebook, Google etc, frustration sets in. Yes, frustration sets in because money, time and energy turned out wasted without getting a clear direction on what to do. Sad! The question on their mind would be, why are my ads not generating sales?

I will tell you the most likely reasons. 

Although your caption and creative are necessary for your online ads, what about all the other important audience information you need before running an ad?

First, we understand sales is your goal but how much time do you dedicate to knowing your potential customers? Have you successfully answered the questions below before running an ad?

Who are your target audiences?

What are their interests? 

Where is their location?

You see, a lot of online entrepreneurs really do not understand that making sales from paid ads require a certain level of expertise. Doing it the amateur way will definitely yield a poor result. 

Please, if you know you have no digital marketing expertise to ensure you have a robust end of the year sales season, don’t run an ad. 

What if you choose the better option of learning digital marketing or employing the services of professionals? Can you imagine how robust this sales season will be for you?

This is what we do at TinklingD Digital Agency. We help entrepreneurs like you to increase sales through effective Digital Marketing and Management and Digital Marketing training.

Reach out to us and let’s discuss the best strategy for your business. Your marketing should make a huge difference this year. 


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