Content is king. This is the song on everyone’s lips. The statement is true as it attests to how Content is paramount to anything that you do online. However, if Content is king, a lot of things become kingmakers that go into crowning content.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just create content that blows your audience’s mind at every point in time? But this just doesn’t happen. A lot of people think their business page is only supposed to talk about their products and services and products and services only, but if you’ll sit back and analyze your traffic, engagement, conversion and brand reputation, you will discover that your audience is bored with the kind of posts you put up.

Below are 3 fast clues to tell you when your audience gets bored;

  1.     You get few or no comments:

Are you creating blog posts or social media updates that are consistently getting little to no reaction? Maybe you’re even asking questions and begging for readers to chime in to spark a discussion. What happens when you do that? 

If nothing, take it as a boredom warning 


  1.   Unfollow rate increases:

Are your social media followers unfollowing you every now and then? For every post you put up, do you lose more followers rather than gain some?  This should definitely tell you that something is wrong.

Social media users are particular about what pops up in their feeds, and they’re simply not going to keep following an account that’s not revving their engines.

  1.     Your Content isn’t Shared or Liked

The point of social media is to make others interested enough in your ideas and promotions to share with their friends and followers.  That’s the basis for organic growth. Every share reaches more than that one person; it reaches all of their followers, too. A larger-than-usual drop in shares and likes hurts you more than you may initially think.


So what can you do to help your brand’s reputation online through what you put out?

1. Consume a lot of Content

Inspiration can come from anywhere – books, movies or even conversations with interesting people. Any piece of information that’s new can break you out of old thinking patterns that are holding you back. Ensure that you have time for good books, movies, and intellectual conversations every week. Visit pages that have things to say in line with what you offer. The idea is to build daily habits that enable your creative imagination, helping you generate ideas easily so you can keep your content fresh.


2. Diversify

A mobile user spends no more than 1.7 seconds on each piece of content. That’s the time you have to grab their attention. You can’t do that by sharing the same form of content over and over again. You will get no results, because people who lose interest easily will switch to another page. However, you can keep your audience by diversifying your social media content with videos, infographics, quotes, GIFs, memes and storytelling. Seth Godin referred to this as the Purple Cow Principle.


3. Invest in empathy

Use storytelling on every social media post. People are drawn to stories because they evoke strong emotions rooted in their lives. Stories are always relatable no matter who’s telling or who’s listening.

How do you use storytelling? Understand customer intent and feelings, Create characters, narrate scenes and take people through the experience that you want them to have.

4. Work hard on your sense of humor:

Being humorous is a great way to catch the attention of your social media audience. By appealing to them emotionally, you stand a better chance than others at generating curiosity about who you are and what you sell. It also stands that humor is great for brand awareness and brand recall, two things that can help you stay etched in your target audience’s memory longer. So, daily, work on it.


In conclusion, content marketing is an important part of every business owner’s plan, especially with the digital revolution. We understand that there are many parts to a business and you as a business owner do not have time to monitor your business online.

The good news is that TinklingD can do that for you. We are experts in Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Brand Strategy, Brand Design and lots more.

You can schedule to have us train your inhouse employees, or you can have us as your team and take the stress off yourself.



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