The year is coming to an end. It is normal that as humans, we sit back, reflect and take stock. What did I do well this year? What was I not so great at? What overall rating will I give my year?  

People have started making resolutions for 2020. As a business owner, you also need to take stock and make decisions about what you need to do, or not do, to facilitate your business growth.  

However, there are so many things you might be looking at and you wouldn’t know what you really should be looking for. So, we have helped create a list to help place your 2019 under review.


    1.   Overall, how did things go?:

This is where you sit and check the totality of everything. How many units of products were you able to produce? How many people did you render services to? How many campaigns did you run? How many products were you able to sell? How many complaints from dissatisfied customers? What did you do well? What made you proud? What were you not happy about?


    1.   Figures that don’t lie:

One very good reason why you should be a good record keeper as a business owner is that numbers can help to put your year in view. 

How much did your business make in total? What did you have to spend money on? What did you make as your profit? How many customers did you gain? How many did you lose? What was the conversion rate on your campaigns? How well did you do with social media marketing?

Every single thing that you can attach a number to, comes here. Numbers go a very long way to help you make plans and needed decisions for the new year. It puts a fact to the earlier answered question of ‘what am I doing well… what am I not?’ All figures tell a story, listen to what yours are telling you.

    1.   The Untouchables:

Much as numbers give you an overview of everything that has happened to your business in the ending fiscal year, you should also know that a couple of untouchables are a part of what you’ve done with your business this year. A lot of businesses have amazing figures and everything on the right side, but the business owner may not feel fulfilled. Now, that is something to look into, isn’t it? 

Am I able to communicate my values? Was I able to reflect my mission statement this year? Am I progressing towards where I want to be? Did my business touch, much more impact anybody? Was I able to live off my business?

If you are able to provide positive answers to these questions, then Congratulations. If not, you do not need to beat yourself up, rather gear up and get ready for 2020.

One of the things you might discover when you put your 2019 in a review is that you need a solid strategy to help you get the best of 2020. At TinklingD, we already thought of this and developed a plan to assist the first 20 SMEs to sign up for the offer. To find out more about the offer, click here.

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