Let’s say you are just starting up a practice, small law firm or you already own your firm and you think it’s time to modernize your practice with a new website just like your competitors are doing, then i am sure you are probably considering if and why you should have a website for your firm. If you are, then great, hopefully you’ll understand why it is necessary for your law firm to own a website.


1) It Makes it easier for Clients to Find Your Firm

Though people already know of your firm, they’re aware of your brand whether through referral or advertising, they’re likely to look you up online before calling you. This is understandable, people usually don’t have time from a tv commercial to memorize a phone number or website address. Instead, if it’s important enough and they’re interested, they’ll remember the brand name and ‘Google it’.

2) It’s a Communication Tool

Many times clients, business partners and other will need to visit your website just to grab some basic information. This could be an email address, phone number, mailing address or directions to your office. Some people might want to give feedback or ask for a quote thereby the need for a “contact form”. Having an online piece of real estate that you own and control, can update or refresh basic information like this is important for your practice.

3) It Builds Credibility & Trust

The next point is that is one of trust. While the commercial internet is only a few decades old, it has evolved fast and the way we use it in our daily lives has, too. The presence of a basic website established legitimacy at a very fundamental level. 

In the case that your law firm doesn’t have a website, you’re likely leaving a lot of money on the table. However, having a website is only the beginning of how you can establish credibility and trust with prospective clients. Having a well-designed, modern website with crisp, professional photos is important. A small business website, law firms and solo practitioners included, is the modern day equivalent of a CV or resume. 

Having a mobile friendly, relatively modern design and current photos of the lawyers and team are essential in building trust. Simply by looking at your competition’s websites, you’ll find that’s the case.

4) Essential for Any Online Marketing

If you plan on doing any form of online marketing, then a website is a critical component to your firm’s marketing and sales funnel. Examples of online marketing includes : PPC(pay-per-click), social media(facebook, youtube, instagram) SEO(search engine optimization), SEM(search engine marketing) etc which we offer here at TinklingD.

5) Explain What you Do (and Don’t) Practice

Whether you’re a full-service practice or focus on one to several areas of practice, your website can convey that to prospects. This can be critical for people, whether they heard of your firm or are searching online for a lawyer. When they land on your site, they should be able to quickly identify whether you’re a lawyer or firm that can help them with their problem or not. This can increase the odds of getting an email or phone call from potential clients you’re looking to attract.


6) Your 24/7/365 Salesperson

We all have a life outside of work, except for your website. It works around the clock, always there, ready to meet and greet new and returning visitors checking you out online. 

This is intentionally followed by the previous reason. Having a website permits for multiple modes of communication, including email and form submissions as mentioned earlier. There was a  study on when conversions and lead forms occur and found that the top performing hours were 6-8 PM, which produced 29.2% of all contact form submissions. For many law firms, that means after business hours, when no one is around to answer the phones. Over 73% of all submissions were between  2PM and midnight.

Provided your website is working properly, it’s there whenever people are ready to take action. After you, your assistants and paralegals have all gone home for the day. Your website is there, helping generate more leads and value everyday, around the clock.

8) You Can Track It’s Value & Worth to Your Law Firm

You can setup your website with an analytics and data tracking platform like Google Analytics. This will anonymously track behaviors and actions taken on your website, regardless of how people find your website. You can define dollar-figure metrics for how much a lead is worth or an action taken on your website. It’s entirely up to you, what amounts you assign to certain goals.

In conclusion, a website alone can be valuable, even just for the few reasons mentioned above, including credibility and trust. I trust that you can also see, the more marketing activities you invest time and resources into, the more valuable your website actually becomes and the more revenue you make.

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