Heads up – before we dive into the lead generation strategies you can use to grow your business, let’s make sure we are on the same page as far as terminologies are concerned.
A lead is someone who has demonstrated interest in your business in some way. This can come in various ways such as someone who has given you their contact information to attend a webinar, seminar, to download a free guide, to sign up for your newsletter, etc. – as a lead.

Because this person has engaged with your business website and given you permission to contact them(it can be through email or by phone call), they’re now inside your sales funnel.

Lead generation, which can be shortened as “lead gen” is simply the process of filling your sales funnel with people who are interested in your business. Anything that gets someone to give you their permission to contact them or remarket to them is a lead generation tactic.

For instance, let’s say you run a Facebook ad agency that specializes in running Facebook ads that convert. One way you can generate leads is by creating a free, downloadable pdf guide about best practices for getting a high return on Facebook ads or if you run a web development agency a lead gen strategy is to give out a ready-made template of a highly converting landing page. Because the people who want to read your guide or download your ready-made template are required to submit their contact information, this piece of content serves as a lead generation mechanism. Quite simply, it’s a way to help people while simultaneously filling your funnel with leads.

Got it? Now let’s shift to the 5 lead gen strategies you can start implementing in your business.

1. Answer questions on Quora and other communities.

Quora is an American question and answer website where questions are asked. Quora averages 620+ million visits every month. Believe me, Quora is a destination where your target market may already exist and be actively seeking solutions to their problems you can help them solve.

As a lead gen strategy what you need to do is look for questions relating to your industry, then provide detailed answers to the questions your target audience is asking. What this does is it positions you as an authority or expert because you are providing detailed answers to their questions. You can be able to create links to your website where Quorans can click through to learn more, within your answer, answering questions in this community is a long term strategy.

If you dedicate 30 – 45 minutes daily to write thoughtful answers to an important question in your niche, after a year you’ll undoubtedly have some traction.

2. Create a lot of opt-in opportunities and make them irresistible.

Offer your website visitors webinars, free reports, live demos…don’t just stop at just one or two opt-ins. Turn every blog post into an opt-in page. You can give away recipes, PDFs of your blog posts, worksheets, templates, resource guides and more.

On your website, get the opt-in box out of the sidebar and make a pop-up. Force the user to make a decision. It would be a situation of whether they want it or not, but it would be easier for them to say no when the option is just sitting there in the sidebar and saying no is as easy as ignoring it. An exit intent pop-up can be leveraged. It helps detect when a visitor is about to navigate away from your opt-in page – it will quickly surface and remind the reader to grab your download or lead magnets before leaving.

3. Books and ebooks, ready-made templates, downloadable guides, worksheets, etc
This is a good strategy to get leads into your funnels. You can create books or ebooks on questions or solutions that are currently going in the mind of your target audience. Give them copy and paste templates like a successful cold email template if you’re into email marketing or a highly successful landing page template if you’re into internet marketing.

However, all these lead magnets should be relevant to the needs of your audience. It should solve a problem they are currently experiencing. In exchange for giving your audience this fresh content in the form of lead magnets, they would give you permission to contact them with their emails. With that, they are now inside your sales funnel. It’s left to you to nurture the freshly acquired leads with valuable content and turn them into a paying customer.

4. Create landing pages with awesome offers and a clear, easy to take a call to action. Run ads to it.

Create landing pages with benefits and curiosity-driven headlines. Must have good body copy that offers a lot of benefits to your audience. But most importantly, it must have an irresistible offer that your audience would consider as a no-brainer. One way to do this is to check what your competitors are offering in your marketplace then leverage what they are offering by giving your audience what’s not currently being offered by your competition that would be highly beneficial to them.

Every plastic surgeon offers free consultation. Every software company offers a free trial. What do you have to offer that is unique, compelling and offers real value to your audience?

When you have the above figured out, you would have to run ads to the landing pages. The purpose of running ads to the landing page is to get your offers in front of so many people, those likely to purchase what you are offering. However, it’s possible those visitors your landing page would buy from you immediately, this is when remarketing becomes important because it puts your offers again in the face of those that have visited your website.

5. Post on Social media. Join and post on industry-specific groups on Facebook & LinkedIn.

If I don’t mention posting content on your social media pages and joining Facebook and Linkedin groups to share your thoughts on the discussion already going on, then this list is not complete. With the ever-increasing number of daily users of social media, it would be wise to be where your ideal prospects are hanging.

Now that you have your presence on these social media channels, You’d want to draw these prospects to you either for them to start asking questions to learn or to buy from you straight away. For you to do this, you need to know what’s going on inside their mind, their problems, what keeps them awake at night, their deepest fears, etc. and create contents that address their worries, fears, problems and finally offering your product or service as the solution.

To get hold of what’s going on inside your prospect head you can make use of tools like Google trends, google keyword planner, Buzzsumo, look out for hot topics on sites like Reddit.comQuora.comNairaland.com, and Facebook or LinkedIn groups and then creating a compelling content that your ideal prospects can relate with.

Also, creating a compelling post on Facebook or Linkedin and also providing answers to the discussion already going on in these industry-specific groups on Facebook and LinkedIn will position you as an authority thereby sending tons of leads to your business ready to either buy your product or service.

There you have it, 5 lead generation strategies you can start implementing as soon as now. There are more lead generation strategies but I decided to start with the fundamentals, one that can easily be implemented by a beginner and still get results. Plus, you don’t need to implement all 5 strategies highlighted above. Identify either one, two or three that you know you can easily implement and start taking action.

However, if you think there are other lead generation strategies that are easy to implement but not mentioned in this post, let me know in the comment section and if you finally decide to take action with either one of the strategies listed above, I would love to know how everything turns out.

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