This year’s Black Friday will be an unusual Black Friday the business world has never experienced, this is as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For this reason, much and all of the attention will be shifted to stores whose mode of operation is online i.e E-commerce stores. You would not want to be caught unaware, here are a few things you can tick off your list to prepare your store for this year’s Black Friday

Run a Website Check

Nothing turns off online shoppers than a frustrating website, it is a huge turn off for buyers. Test and ensure your website is able to handle a surge in traffic, generally ensure your website is user friendly and will not give users any form of headache whatsoever. It will also be great to have your team of web developers to be on ground during the Black Friday campaign so as to make up for any emergency website glitch that might surface.

Activate Your Google Analytics

Google analytics enable you to be able to track the number of visits on your site and also gives you an insight of your conversion per click on your website. You wouldn’t want to run a digital Black Friday campaign and not have a tool to track the results recorded. Install your google analytics.

Prepare for a busy Black Friday

Stock your store with new products before the campaign gets started, it is another turn off for buyers to visit your online store and discover that you do not have the product they are hoping to add to their carts. That is a big minus for you, and of course a huge plus for your competitor. Now is the time to run a detailed inventory list of your products and restock those that you might be low on or not even having.

Check on your Competitors

It is not criminal and unethical if you keep an eye on your competition. In fact, it is very much okay, it will enable you to know where and how you are lagging behind in your preparation for the campaign and how to quickly correct that. One simple harmless way you can keep an eye on your competition is by subscribing to their email list and staying updated with their newsletters. Hey, do not dump your whole plan and copy the whole of your competition’s strategy, there is power in being unique. You are keeping an eye not to steal or copy, but just to correct and check yourself.

Start your email marketing campaign early

You ought to have gotten started with your Email newsletters for your Black Friday campaign, at least three weeks before Black Friday starts. There is actually no harm if you have started chipping in little details about Black Friday for about two months till the actual date in your newsletters, it helps a lot with keeping subscribers (who are either your customers or potential customers) informed and aware, especially your loyal clients. Informing shoppers early about Black Friday enables them to plan and prepare financially ahead for Black Friday too. Nobody loves to be caught unprepared.

 Reward your Loyal Customer

While planning and ticking off your list in preparation for Black Friday, you must remember to make a special Black Friday offer for your loyal customers, it makes them want to stick with you and it wades off any intending play to win them over by your competitor. Remember to make a special offer for your loyal customers. You can even give them a referral link, and grant anyone who purchases from their link a special discount. You have killed two birds with a single stone.

Be Active on Your Social Media Accounts

Your brand’s social media accounts must be very active during Black Friday campaign, a large number of users would love to make enquiries on your brand’s social media pages before advancing to your website to shop. Hence, you must have someone, preferably a professional and seasoned social media manager who is readily available to respond to customers through your various social media channels.

Preparation and early planning are cogent and very important to achieve a successful Black Friday. This checklist would definitely help and will give you an added advantage.

To help you get ready for your share of massive sales this year, we’ve created a free marketing plan template to help you make the most of Black Friday. Get the FREE template here:


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