Managing your brand’s social media platforms might look so easy and seamless – definitely maybe for observers or your audience from afar, that is if you are getting it right anyway. But social media managers know it is real work to manage and market contents on any brand’s social media platform. Social media management is a lot of work, and it takes proper planning to create an engaging and ROI-turning social media presence for your brand. Truth be told, every Brand has made or still mistakes while marketing contents their social media platforms.

Here are top mistakes companies make with content marketing on social media

  1. Failing to Create a Content Strategy

A social media content strategy is a summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve for your business through the use of social media.

One major mistake brands make is not creating a content strategy – either weekly or monthly, they freestyle and make updates as each day comes. While some create content strategy, but create it wrongly. 

The best time to create your content strategy for your social media platforms is the beginning of the month. That is, Content strategy for November should be ready before November commences. Your content strategy must contain metrics you will use to monitor your performance on social media, the metrics must be influenced by the goals you have set for your brand while creating the strategy. 

2. Dishing out the Right Content on the Wrong Platform

Every social media platform has specific users and also specific objectives they resonate with. LinkedIn for instance is a career building platform, a common ground for both Talent hunters and Job hunters in the Industry, it will be awkward to then post 20 pictures per day on your brand’s LinkedIn page, there is Instagram for that. It is therefore important you create specific contents for specific platforms as they have different user characteristics, your posts must be targeted at reaching each unique audience for your platform. And it is not necessary you are on all social media platforms, research the platforms that resonate and will help you achieve your brand’s aim, and develop your online community there.

3. Creating a Woeful Unattractive Design for your Post

A lot of brands are guilty of this, they just go hunt and select any image on Google to use as design for their content marketing.

Creating the perfect design for your content is very important, but could be a daunting and challenging task, especially if your brand does not have a creative visual designer, creative designs have been scientifically proven to play an important role in getting your audience subconsciously glued to your contents on Social media.

4. Failing to Build a Human and Friendly Relationship with your Audience.

It is important for your social media manager to note that it is not robots that are interacting with your social media contents, but human beings. Hence, they must be treated as such. Truly your social media management must be centred on an eventual drive to increase revenue and a general increase in ROI, but you must also be conscious of the fact that building a cordial human friendly relationship with your audience and customers online is one key way to achieve your brand goals. Create room for engaging with customers online, maybe like an FAQ session, share your brand’s values and ideals, let it resonate with your customers. Do not be silent during important social issues. You should also be responsive to comments made by customers on your social media pages, whether positive or negative in nature, please reach back and be very quick to give a response.

5. Plagiarizing and Copying Another Brand’s Contents

This is actually very embarrassing, and it ought to be avoided at all costs. Sadly it is another common mistake companies make. Avoid copying and plagiarising contents created by other brands or a third party and posting on your platforms, asides from being legally wrong – intellectual property, it soils and destroys both the integrity and image of your brand. It is better to post nothing than to steal another brand’s content. You can run plagiarism checks before publishing your content, use plagiarism tools like Grammarly.

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