Brand Audit, Strategy & Marketing Trackers Set Up

Are You Marketing Ready?

Online marketing doesn’t start and end with advertising. Your business needs comprehensive touchpoints, and a clear marketing plan to ensure sales. Our Brand Activation Service will help you put in place the right structures to achieve that.
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Why Is This Important?

  1. Understanding where you stand marketing-wise let you know how to move forward.

  2. Moving forward itself needs the right structures

  3. Digital marketing itself is about tracking result and optimizing based on data, so if you are not accurately tracking, the joke is on you.

How Do We Help?

We designed this service to have us work with you to:

  1. Do an audit of what you have done so far no matter how little – Brand Audit Service

  2. Create a Sales funnel that maps how digital marketing will help you achieve your business goal – Marketing Strategy Design

  3. Set up various marketing asset and trackers – Pre Campaign Marketing Set-Up

  4. Recommend fool-proof marketing strategy on digital media, with a step-by-step implementation plan.


Brand Audit

In this brand audit service, we dig into your digital marketing platforms to see useful insight we can draw from them that will help the marketing going forward. We will also run your account and website through our audit tools.

Building A Sales Funnel

Prospective customers follow a path, from their first interaction to the moment they purchase your product or use your service, and eventually become your brand evangelist.

We will carefully design clear marketing and sales funnel that will ensure the marketing is not just about running ads, but by taking complete stranger through a journey that makes them repeat customer.

Setup AD Managers & Optimize Social Profiles

Get your brand in front of your ideal customers, on Facebook and Instagram, from this all-in-one advertising tool.

From Facebook & Instagram to Twitter & LinkedIn, put your social media profiles in good shape, easy for customer navigation, and seamless for conversion.

Setup Email Marketing Tool

… for lead generation, lead nurturing and remarketing purposes. Customers interacting with your brand need to hear from you consistently. This tool will enable you do that through newsletters, and other email campaigns.

Compile Old Email List

You likely have a long list of past customers, and leads. What have you done with their contact details? In the three-day period, you will compile them, and integrate them into the email marketing tool.


Design Online Communication Policy

Here we will create a communications document that guides how your brand communicates on social media and other online communication channels.

Install Facebook & Google Tracking Codes

At this stage, we work with you to integrate the Google Analytics data tracking code on the app or website and setting up important account tracking.

We integrate the Facebook Tracking code to allow for customer remarketing. 
PS: We will be working with your in house software developer to do this.

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