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Grow with TinkingD 

Digital marketing offers an exciting career path, but are you really qualified to get a job? If you’re wondering about the best pathway to a successful career in digital marketing, Grow with TinklingD is everything you need. 

Get access to high-value career mentorship and exper-led sessions that will propel your career in digital marketing.


  1. You’ve done one or more training in digital marketing, online or offline.

  2. You are looking for a way to improve your digital marketing skills to the world-class level.

  3. That’s all!

Why Join Grow?

Get the Right Certification

Get employers excited with the right certification on your CV. We hand-pick online certifications  that are perfect for you, saving you money and wasted hours spent on courses that don’t count. From social media, email automation and content marketing to core advertising and media planning, you get the right direction from industry-leading professionals.

Expert-Led Q&A Session

Deepen your understanding of the digital marketing industry, and take your marketing game to the next level with access to exclusive webinars every week. Think of marketing hacks, cutting-edge strategies, amplification tools, and a lot more that makes you a choice candidate for hiring companies.

Build Your Portfolio with Real-Life Marketing Projects

We assign you roles on marketing projects, to put your skills to work and help you build the right experience for your dream job. Put some action to your ideas, with our expert team helping you along the way.

Join a Community of Budding Professionals like You

Grow with TinklingD brings you into a network of digital marketing professionals, providing you with a platform to build amazing relationships, and connect with others on the same path as you.

Access Internship & Job Opportunities

TinklingD has grown to become a leading source of digital marketing talents for hiring companies. And for us, Grow is our talent community. We provide you with access to internship opportunities and job placement, the right ones for your career goals

Join the Community for Life, For Only N5,000

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