At TinklingD,

We are passionate about your business growth.

Understanding that digital marketing is one of the key currencies of growth in this new age, for brand awareness, brand positioning, brand perception, marketing to a target audience and actual conversion is quite crucial.

Our core business offerings are summarized here but we have prepared a robust document that explains the offerings. Please tell us about your business in the form below; you will receive ‘Our Offering’ doc automatically and an email from us much later specifically stating how we can be of help.

Management Packages

We offer bouquets of online brand management that contain social media management, paid ads, creative designs, and content creation.

Build Afresh!

Are you just starting (or reopening) your business and you want all your assets built afresh (strategy, branding, website, marketing plan). This is for you!

Dedicated Account Manager

We provide a dedicated account manager just for you! You can request as many account managers as your brand activity requires.

Special Capacity Building Training

Do you have an in house team and you need them up to speed? We build custom training plans for your marketing team as well as track their progress.

Our Work Process


You Request Our Service Offering Via This Form

We require you to fill the short form in here. We will ask a few details that allow us to look up your brand in the space of time you are looking at our offering doc.

Clarity Sessions

We go ahead to have a clarity session with you to fully understand what your goals are and which of our services works best for you.


We move right to the implementation stage.