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Talking About Programmatic Advertising: Episode 3 – Targeting & Retargeting

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How does targeting work?

There are so many different ways to target your advertising to very specific customer groups.  You can target based on audience (e.g. demographics), behaviours (e.g., actions taken), context (e.g., subject matter of content they are reading), intent (e.g., keyword searches or products viewed), location (e.g., based on GPS on their phones) and beacons (e.g., in-the-aisle in stores).

Targeting can also be set to identify “look-alikes” for known users, to help increase the reach of your efforts (e.g., if my customers like sports, target other sports fans).  Targeting can also be specifically set to hit one consumer across each of their multiple devices, to hit them with multiple impressions on each of their computers, phones, tablets, televisions, etc. when such specific device information is known.

Key point is that, anything that can help signal customer intent typically helps increase conversions and ROIs around those products.


How does retargeting work?

In addition to finding new customers, programmatic advertising can also remarket to past customers or users, to pull them back with additional ad impressions served to them while they are on other websites within the network of publishers in the ad exchanges.

You can remarket to them based on one of the following triggers:

  • If they visited your web site
  • If they viewed certain product or content pages on the web
  • If they opened or clicked your email
  • Based on your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data
  • Based on keyword searches in search engines.

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