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Smartfarm: Changing the Face of Agriculture in Africa

Smartfarm is leading a landmark revolution in Africa’s agribusiness industry, leveraging mechanised farming to create wealth for investors. Our team implements marketing strategies that consolidates the brand’s positioning, reaching over 500K potential investors, and selling out multiple investment cycles.

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Launching Zoomba into Nigeria’s Mainstream e-Commerce

Working with the Zoomba team, we implemented a robust brand launch strategy that puts the e-commerce platform at the competitive edge of Nigeria’s online shopping, reaching over one million online buyers, and generating hundreds of sales from Week 1.

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Tourism Got Much Easier with Emirates Holidays

We’ve partnered with Emirates Holidays (franchise) to drive adoption for premium travel packages. Using a mix of Facebook and Google Display advertising, we sold out tickets on two seperate, successive campaigns.

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VBETNOW: Scaling with Organic Campaigns

TinklingD is the engine room of VBETNOW’s online presence. For more than a year now, we’ve consistently driven high engagement, with new users skyrocketing, and revenue stabilising month-on-month, focusing on social media engagement and email marketing

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