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We keep it clean, we keep it relevant, and we make sure it achieve goals.

With a team of data and marketing oriented professionals, contacting your various developments projects to us gives you an assurance of the best of the best.


We Do

E Commerce Solutions 100%
Corporate Websites 100%
Web Programs 100%
App Development 100%
UI & UX 100%
Branding 100%
E-mail Templates 100%
One Off Event/Program Website 100%
Personal and Corporate Portfolio 100%

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At TinklingD, we offer, Web Development, App Development, User Experience & Design and Branding.

Usually, the quality and specifications  of the development service is dependent on your budget. But please in the boxes below, kindly put in your budget for the services. We will then tell you what is achievable or advice you further if we think increasing it a little more can get you something almost totally awesome.

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