Is Getting Results From

Social Media Marketing a Problem?

Hello Business Owner, how long will you keep doing it yourself or spending your money on marketing activities that don't produce results? Do you know what's missing?

Social media marketing is more than just 'posting on social media' or doing page boost. Driving result for your online marketing online takes some tactics, conscious effort and thoughtful strategies.

From knowing what content to create to engage your audience
To knowing the ideal customer to target to serve your paid ads to
To knowing the best time to put out your content
Most importantly, knowing how to track result and quickly optimize

Let’s get your marketing message in front of your customers and win them over before your competitors.

With just N50,000 Monthly you get:

Weekly social media content creation (one educational, one engagement drive and one sales driven social media post to advertise your product)
Facebook and Instagram ads to reach up to 10,000 potential customers
(We also switch this to LinkedIN or Google ads based on your business type)
Graphics design to showcase your product or graphics design
A monthly report that shows you what’s working and how much progress we have brought to your business per month

Here are

Other Top Benefit We Offer Business Owners Who Work With Us

A Welcome Lesson On How To Convert Online Prospect To Clients

Most business owners do not know the differnt between sales and marketing, we help you make the clarifications so that all our marketing effort will convert to sales on your end.

We Build An Easy Document To Track All The Customer Follow Up Activities

So that you can easily track those who have shown interest in your service and to also track those who have purchased, we build you a simple customer realtions managment sheet. This also helps us know real time if people we are sending to you are quality prospects

You Get Access To Support Advice and Quick Help From Our In House Expert

Our core mission at TinklingD is to be your digital marketing department. i.e We see ourselves as a part of your company and will be all out to give practical advice and hint you on trends and opportunites for your business growth (however this is limited on ths starter plan)

What our clients are saying about us

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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will you improve our engagements and sales?

We have different departments handling content and branding, and we have a separate department handling advertising. This is to ensure specialists are handling your marketing.

How will you keep me informed of activities and progress made?

We send a monthly report keeping you up to date on how your money is spent, and results we have achieved.

How do you determine if you’re successful?

We set goals at the beginning and carry out best practices to achieve them, we have online tools used to measure success at every level, and we report them to you.

Will you guarantee sales for me?

We will do everything to ensure we make your customers like your products and trust your brand, and also advise you on whatever you need to do at your end to ensure sales, but we won’t guarantee sales for you.

Will you handle messages, comments on our channels?

With this plan? No. You need to have someone inside to reply your customer requests, complaints and questions. We can however discuss a separate plan if you want us to take this up.

How will your work tie into our other marketing efforts?

Advice will be given on the type of information your target audience needs and it will be published on the social media pages to educate your audience. Frequently asked questions by customers will be gotten from your sales team to create more content for social media.

Why should we hire you over other marketing agencies?

We don’t claim to be the best, but we’ve always been client-centric, we ensure we do what is best for you and your business as we see ourselves as your marketing department.

I may need more than what is in this plan, do you have more options?

Yes, we have bigger plans that give you better value. Give us your information, we’ll then call you to know what works best for you.